New Moon's Eye - September 17

The New Moon in Virgo exacts around 7 AM PST and is charged with earth manifestation $$$$$ mojo. While the dark moon in Virgo has been a push and the workload has felt in someways insurmountable and exhausting - however, the New Moon provides the energy needed to ground, organize and set tangible goals around health/work/financial realms. Step by step, with method and precision, you begin to create a plan. The lunation creates a trine angle to both Pluto & Saturn suggesting that things taking form now and in the coming two weeks have significant bearing on the rest of the year. Kitchen magic is quite potent - quietly and carefully a nourishing meal and infusing it with mantra/prayer is advised, as Virgo rules the small intestine -- feed yourself mindfully, welcoming in all of the blessings ahead. The square of Mercury in Libra to Jupiter in Capricorn alongside this moon suggests obstacles to be surmounted through careful negotiations, especially those of a financial tone. The best resolution is one that is mutually beneficial for both parties involved. Stay open.