Moon's Eye - September 1 - Pisces Full Moon

The Moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces in the earliest hours of the AM thus inspiring lucid dream state and beginning what will be a day dominated by creative influence and infused with spiritual insight. Listen to the messages of your dreams and note if they are reflecting chaos or calm - this is indicative and reveals the current state of your affairs. Take heed. A moment of contemplation around the time of the the Full Moon is called for late in the evening around 10:21 PM Tuesday - this a RIPE time to be in the bathtub doing meditation, listening to etherial music OR engaging in art, therapeutic crying, poetry, etc. If enjoying spirits/shamanic substances keep yourself grounded - do not go full Neptunian and dive in with no avail. Channel cosmic consciousness... consciously. Commune with only benevolent souls & as ALWAYS shun melodrama/manipulation.

Mercury trines Pluto & Saturn at this time whilst Venus opposes Pluto - there is a sure fire financial undertone for ALL with this full moon. Recommended: Pragmatism/Realism in spending VERSUS overindulgent massive psycho shopping expenditures. Wait until at least the moon hits Aries on Thursday to give things a go. Is it still a good idea?