Moon's Eye - December 8

Just after the time of the Last quarter moon in the AM (PST) -- Mid-afternoon, moon in Virgo trines both Jupiter & Saturn in Capricorn -- this infuses the mid-day with a productive (albeit slightly neurotic) flavor. Great for cleaning, laundry, as I always say -- "sock drawer organization," Financial dealings are favored as well, business and commerce are blessed and when the moon arrives in breezy and laissez-fair Libra in the early evening, the energy becomes more chatty and social. Our minds wander to relationships and we enjoy the next two days of air vibe provided by La Luna, while the dominant elements in the sky are earth and fire -- meaning the spiritual and material realms are in the fore. And after this-- the deepest and darkest of dark moons in Scorpio is the backdrop of the weekend. More to come on this.

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