Moon's Eye - December 12

In the mid-to-late afternoon depending where you are, you will feel it notably when the moon hits Sagittarius after her moody-but-enlightening tour through Scorpio -- and although your physical energy will most likely still be lower, your spirits will begin to reach skyward, slowly and steadily on an incline. The Sun & Mars are still traveling close together in Trine formation, encouraging optimism, faith, truth-seeking & independence. This combined with the dreamy trine of Mercury to Neptune, creativity levels & potential are through the roof, deeming it an ideal time to make art. There is a palpable excitement to the air, enjoy it but do not get swept away- staying grounded in your body, shunning any Neptunian escapist trajectories (booze, low vibrational foods, delusional love schematics).

Cue: Shamanic dreamtime, omens & symbols appear that have significance. Write it down.

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