Moon's Eye - August 30

The Aquarian moon is necessary - as it is the only celestial body bringing any airflow to the cosmic heavyweight championship underway. Despite any heaviness of the current Venus-Pluto opposition, and impending Venus-Saturn opposition of the later week, this portion of the lunar cycle contains all of the steely pull-it-off energy you need. You rise above security/financial concerns knowing that you have LONG GAME vision. It's all part of the process of moving into the future. You're already partially there -- this year from April to July you caught wind of the Aquarian era to come - that which will dominate 2021 with both Saturn & Jupiter in Aquarius. Stay partially here and now, partially there and then. Know where you are headed and do your best to not get bogged by all of heaviness that abounds. The moon in Aquarius trines Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius at mid-day -- keep a pen next to you and write down the incoming ideas. They contain a portal to 2021.