Daily Divination - September 7

With the recent movements of Mercury & Venus into Libra/Leo the astral environment has a distinctly more inspired personal focus, emphasizing artistry, aesthetics and interpersonal relationship dynamics in the coming days. It's a mixed bag - there is positive momentum with the coming earth trines of the Sun to Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn - but we have the pushback of ye olde Mars Retrograde - active on September 10 but already very much in play - to contend with. Today is a day to ENJOY yourself, to do Taurus moon medicine (see the Moon's eye prescription), to create beauty in your general environment and to INDULGE in what feels good. Yes, there is work to be done but today your work is to relax as much as possible. When the Gemini moon kicks up tomorrow eve/Wednesday AM - we get a whole lot busier. The card above is a nod to the ERA that we are entering into - we are staring into an unknown transformation chamber - how WILL we come out the other end?