Daily Divination - September 11

You may feel as if you are locked into a holding pattern - as collectively we are all in a similar position. The retrograde of Mars in Aries began yesterday, signifying a distinct halt in the forward motion of many projects that had seemed to be gaining traction. Spiritual uncertainty flavors the palate of the day and we all require more internal processing in terms of the emotional terrain. You have no doubt met significant opposition in recent days - but this will prove, however difficult to navigate, pivotal in terms of growth potentiality. As Mars stalls at the 28th degree of Aries symbolized as the Sabian Symbol: A Large Audience Confronts the Performer who Disappointed their Expectations - we are all confronting disappointments and sorrows on a collective scale. This is symbolized in the card above indicating that we are at dead center in the middle of a spiritual journey. The way ahead is unclear. The Sun opposes Neptune over the next two days indicating confusion, a continuation of slow downs and a need for emotional retreat - time spent in communion with the water element is the ultimate remedy for all that ails. Do not expect agreements to solidify until after the forward motion of Jupiter on Saturday and into next week, with the beneficial trines of the Sun to both Pluto & Saturn.