Daily Divination - December 14

Note: the Daily Divinations are organic tarot pulls for each day, hand selected to fit the energy of the day. They are picked entirely at chance.

You are beginning. Today marks the end of one chapter and a bold stepping forward into another. The fool is not lost -- he is blissfully at one with the"unknowing". There is so much ahead of you and if you choose, today you can tune into the raw potentiality of this sacred moment by embracing the mystery. You can't know the future -- but you can do everything in your power to tend to your vibrational field, hold gratitude in your heart for the lessons of the past and begin visualize the luminous days that lay before you. The power of intentional energy and visualization is without limit, especially when timed with a Solar Eclipse. If you are creating and forming ideas about the future, write them down and keep them accessible. You will no doubt find 6 months from now, many of them have begun to blossom & bear fruit.

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