Daily Divination - August 30

An important time to align with what you truly value, today is an opportunity to gain clear focus. The Aquarian moon contains glimpses of genius and plays off of themes present from April to July - whatever began it's birthing process during this time is by no means dead and gone and today allows you to tap into that high voltage, life altering brilliance. What is most important is that you are coming from a place of deep personal truth. You are willing to drop/expediate/eradicate the things that are no longer part of your path without the bat of an eyelash. Venus is in direct opposition to Pluto and this is active into Monday - strong themes of security and fiscal concerns are present collectively. If you are one of the cosmic children who is in a shedding process - by all means - let that shit go. You know what I mean. If you are instead, perhaps, in the process of building something new now or edging for more financial support, the coming days do reveal privy info. Stay true.

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