Daily Divination - August 26

Venus and Neptune align on Wednesday and create a soft haze around the day, especially in terms of financial or romantic realms. In some way, this may be good - melting down some of our leaden defenses after the gnarly Mars/Pluto/Saturn square off of the past two weeks and processing some of the accumulated emotional debris. It has the potential to be an inspiring day - however DO know that there is information yet to be revealed in terms of financial/love realms - so be cautious in how you proceed in both. This is NOT a day to sign on a dotted line. Avoid if possible. Channel your whim into artistry and design, do not overspend $$$ despite all desire to do so - Venus opposing Pluto in just a few days says there is a reckoning point ahead for all of us. Be prepared now, because even the best laid plans... change. AS PER USUAL under Neptunian influence, dreamtime is more LUCID now.