jennie hayes


A daughter of the stars.  Taurus Sun, Sagittarius Rising, Pisces Moon.  Jennie came out of the womb a mystic, clinging as quickly as she could to the symbols of ancient Egypt and wandering through classical Greek myths trying to find her way home.  Nothing has changed.  She has studied astrology for her entire life, both through the exploration of texts and classes with esteemed astrologers, as well as experientially through the art of Chart Analysis for the past 12 years. Jennie works with clients from all walks of life and believes astrology and the cosmos give language to the Alchemical process of the Spirit path.  When the birth chart and transits thereafter are understood, one is given the opportunity to overcome fear, transmute pain and reveal the pure light of the heart and Soul.

Jennie has been a certified holistic bodyworker since 2008 and yoga instructor since 2014.  Currently, she is studying herbalism and women's hormonal health. She makes herbal medicine & is an active Cannabis advocate in the San Francisco community. Check out Fresh Moon Botanical Alchemy to see these products.